Description: are you having interest to know about did Scott Steiner made a great career in TNA as a professional wrestler on individual level? Here you are about to learn everything related to your doubts.


Scott Steiner was born on July 29, 1962 and made his wrestling debut in 1986. He is a professional wrestler and currently retired, he was lastly signed with TNA (total nonstop action). He is a wrestler who has participated in so many wrestling organizations from WCW, to ECW, to WWF/E and TNA. Just like every wrestler needs a platform to rise and shine on the top the pro wrestling industry of TNA had given him the chance to become something more and submit his legacy in the history and make a name for himself. Don’t go on his age he may look very old but he definitely has the talent that has led him to so many successes. He has wrestled almost with every big superstar from all the brands and factions from Triple H, Sting, AJ styles, Samoa Joe, Christian, watch raw livestream and many more. No matter what you say about him this person has done everything to make his wrestling career a perfect example for all the new comers.

  • What he has accomplished in his career so far?

1) He is three times TNA world heavyweight champion

2) One time WCW heavyweight champion

3) One time WWE tag team champion

4) triple crown winner of (WCW)

5) Main event so many pay per views in his career

  • How he started his early career?

He began his career back at ECW and WCW and was part of the formidable group called new world order (NWO). Where he wrestled with so many great athletes and eventually become famous. Scott was approached by the TNA to come over and take lead on individual circuit.

  • Which wrestling brand has given him perfect opportunity to become a great superstar?

Every organization has their own reputation and ways to make the wrestlers famous and successful and he choose to go on to TNA and wrestled individually to make a name for himself which he did not make in other factions back then. Undoubtedly he has earned the right to called the ‘’big poppa pump’’ and there will be no one like him will ever come.

  • Why fans loved him so much?

He has made an impact on the fans which no one can ever make it. The way he entertains them, the crowd certainly gets behind him and supports and respect how much he has done for the wrestling industry.

  • What about his present state in his career?

Right now he is wrestling at GFW arena on individual level along with many other former WWE superstars.

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